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    1. What’s Small Business Growing Strong all about?

    We love small businesses and believe they are vital to our economy’s success. That’s why we decided to grant 15 small business wishes to help them grow this spring. You can participate by submitting your business wish (worth up to $5,000) and sharing your wish with friends and fans. Encourage them to vote for your wish to help it come true!

    2. How do I enter?

    Visit and click “Wish Now” on the homepage. Then follow the simple steps to enter:

    1. Describe your wish (in 600 characters or fewer)
    2. Enter your contact info
    3. Optional: Upload a photo. (This won’t increase your chances of winning, but helps give a face to your business. Make sure your photo doesn’t include any trademarks, and if other people are in the photo, make sure that you have their permission to use it.)

    3. How many wishes can I submit?

    You can only submit one wish per business, so we recommend resisting the urge to submit it more than once (to avoid splitting your votes).

    4. Who’s eligible to enter?

    1. You must be over 18 years old (or over the age of majority of your place of residence)
    2. You must own a small business, defined by having 50 or fewer employees
    3. Your business must be in the U.S. or Canada

    5. When can I submit my wish?

    Wish submission is open between April 2nd, 2013 and May 12th, 2013.

    6. When will winners be announced?

    We’ll announce one winner a day via Intuit’s Facebook page and Twitter handle, beginning May 6th, 2013. Potential winners will be notified by phone and email after they’ve been selected – so stay tuned!

    7. Can I submit a wish after May 6th?

    Yes! You can submit a wish even after we begin granting wishes. Of course, the sooner you submit your wish, the more time you have to get everyone to vote for it (votes make a difference!) The last day for submitting a wish is May 12th, 2013.

    8. How are winning wishes selected?

    Our panel of judges selects winners based on the nature of the wish, how the wish will transform your business, and how many votes your wish receives. Votes alone don’t determine the winner, but they make a difference.

    9. What if I don’t have a lot of fans to vote for me?

    Just do your best and you'll be surprised how many people in the community will be happy to support you! Share your wish on your social networks, tell customers and ask them to tell others.

    10. Why don’t I see my wish in the gallery?

    After submitting your wish, please refresh the page to see it. We’ll exclude some wishes if they’re duplicates or inappropriate in nature. Also, make sure you toggle to your country of residence (in the top right-hand corner of the page) as the contest spans the U.S. and Canada.

    11. Why am I not seeing all my votes?

    After voting, just refresh your screen to see the latest vote count. We only allow one vote per person, per day, to keep things fair and protect against automated votes. Duplicate votes are also eliminated, which is why you may not see your vote count go up even if your fans continue to vote for you.

    12. What happens if my wish wasn’t selected on the first day of wish granting? Do I need to do anything to be considered again?

    Our panel of judges will consider all wishes on each of the wish granting days – if you’ve submitted a wish, you don’t need to re-submit to be considered for subsequent days. And just because yours wasn’t selected in the first round, it doesn’t mean you don’t have more chances – we’re granting a total of 15 wishes! To improve your chances, make sure to share your wish and get everyone who loves your business to vote for it.

    13. Is there a separate contest in Canada?

    The contest spans the U.S. and Canada. If you don’t see your wish, make sure you toggle to see your country of residence on the top right-hand corner of the landing page.

    Anything else? Shoot us an email at or visit Good luck!


    Give your wish some heart

    Be descriptive. Pull on our heartstrings! We want to hear not only what your wish is, but WHY this one thing would make a real difference for your business.

    Make sure we’re a good fit

    We support all kinds of small businesses – and while we love that it’s a free country to start just about any (legal) small business you could dream up, winners of the Small Business Growing Strong campaign will need to be “G-rated” and appropriate for the general public. Bottom line: make sure the contents of your wish wouldn’t be considered offensive.

    Make sure your wish is really “grantable”

    While it’d be super cool if we were genies who had unlimited wish-granting powers… we can only grant wishes that would cost $5,000 or under to come true. And though we, too, certainly wish for world peace and endless supplies of ice cream, we’re only so powerful. Make sure your wish is within the limits of what we can truly grant!

    Get out the vote

    Votes can make a difference in which wishes get granted – so spread the word, via your social networks, email list, friends and family, or whatever method you like.